#36 Ode to Big Boys – With Ryan Shelton


June 3, 2012 by The Sweetest Plum

We don’t really have guests on the show, but we decided to invite Ryan on, partly because he was an old friend, but mainly because both our kitchens were unavailable and we needed somewhere to record. Also Nick had just been in Ryan’s Ice Coffee Ad and Dec was hoping to get a piece of this sweet advertising action. Anyway, it turned out very well and if he ever comes back from overseas we’ll definitely have him on again.

You can grab the episode of iTunes or listen to it below

3 thoughts on “#36 Ode to Big Boys – With Ryan Shelton

  1. Raegs says:

    Am I welcome to pick on spelling mistakes and grammatical errors?

  2. […] And for those who came in late, here’s last years podcast with Ryan […]

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