Podcast Freed the Radio Star

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June 27, 2012 by The Sweetest Plum

Here’s an article from the Herald-Sun about the Rise of Podcasts, which features The Sweetest Plum, TOFOP and The Dum Dum Club. We really like this article for a few reasons, firstly because the photo didn’t make us look like massive cocks, secondly it’s one of the few articles in a weekend liftout that isn’t about what food a B-Grade celebrity consumes throughout the day, but mainly but mainly because the writer, Sally Bennett, actually came out and watched us record an podcast in our kitchen. Any journo can sit at their desk, google a bunch of stories about podcasts, then ring around for a few quotes and cobble an article together, but Sally actually drove to my house and then endured an entire 40 minute of us banging on like a couple of real arseholes, which in itself deserves a Walkley award. Plus she listened to all the podcasts she wrote about. This might not seem like much, but the amount of times we did an interview while working in commercial radio, where the person had never listened to our show, or asked “So how do you download one of these podcasts?” was quite extraordinary. (There was one moment early on where we had to show a program director where iTunes was on his computer and then show him how to download an episode. We probably should have known then that things were not going to work.)

We’re not getting on a soapbox (it’s more of a wonky milk crate), but with all the local newspapers getting gutted or taken over billionaire mining bosses with serious daddy issues, it’s only gonna get worse before it gets better, and there will be way less writing about local arts and culture (I realise it’s a bit of a stretch to stick our podcast under “arts and culture”, but you know what I mean).

Sally mentioned most of the really good local ones, but here’s a list of our favourite podcasts which we’ve stuck up over here.

– Dec

PS – While we’re throwing up links and gratuitous self promotion, here’s another good article Michael Lallo wrote about us in the Green Guide a few years back.

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