Nick Recommends #1


July 17, 2012 by The Sweetest Plum

Nick is always recommending things on the podcast, but is worried nobody takes him seriously, so this is where he’s going to list stuff he likes. He doesn’t do facebook or twitter, so this is the closest you’ll ever get… Enjoy…

Nick Recommends… July 17

J-Kwon – “Tipsy”

The beauty of this song is it allows you to feel drunk as you drive your car in the middle of the day. Something about thumping beat and almost slurring vocal patterns places you perfectly in that bitch where everyone, by good fortune, is getting tips. Admittedly, I’d be getting cash tips from an inebriated J-Kwan as I serve him magnums of grossly overpriced champagne while he and his many girlfriends and ‘clique’ get actually ‘tips’ (adj.)

Trick Daddy – “I’m a Thug”.

My most uplifting song at the moment; never fails to put me in a good mood. Great for the morning and the name of the song does not represent the sound of the tune – not at all thuggish. And for podcaster Declan Fay, alls he needs to do is sing along replacing the word ‘thug’ with ‘schlub’ and he’ll be in hog, or should I say ‘schlub’, heaven.

Using the term ‘Iconolast’.

Use it whenever you like. Screw those rich and famous goody-two-shoes who have “influenced the culture for the betterment of mankind”. Go in to your local post office and when the rude woman has finished serving you, say, “Thanks Marg, you’re a bloody iconoclast.” And then in a big voice to the long angry line of waiting strangers on the way out, “You is all iconoclasts!” Iconoclast is your word to use.

Making Nachos.

It fun, it’s vegetarian, there’s very little burn yourself on. Costs about a fifteenth of the price of a Mexican restaurant and there’s slim chance you’ll be walking home in a sombrero – unless you have one hanging in the kitchen from when you and girls from the office went to margarita night. If so, this may not be the dish for you- you will burn yourself and the nachos and your blessed Mexican hat. (For Nick’s complete Nacho recipe please write in).

This is the picture I found when I googled “Making Nachos” – Dec

One thought on “Nick Recommends #1

  1. Nick says:

    Shit. Shit recommendations

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