Nick Recommends! #2

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July 24, 2012 by The Sweetest Plum

Here’s what Nick likes this week…

Watching Vijay Singh’s reaction to Adam Scott losing the British Open over the last four holes

Now, a lot of people were pretty upset as Scotty bogeyed the last four holes to blow the tournament and lose by a shot- but Vijay’s reaction was a bit harsh I reckon…


Doing Pilates

I’ve never done it, but this picture of “inventor” Joseph Pilates simply screams, “You need to throw yourself into Pilates, tip first, and never look back.” Well, it’s going to be pretty bloody hard to look back when your heels are behind your ears. Word is Joe Pilates used to meet everyone tip first, until he was finally able to take his legs off his body altogether and then he liked to greet people by holding out one of his legs with his hand and asking them to “Please-a shake-a my foot-a…” And if they refused? “Hey, hey, hey! Shake it bitch… I’m Joe fucking Pilates! I’ll crawl up inside you and never come out you piece of shit!” So do Joe and your body a favour and sign up for some classes today. See if you can get your tip, round the back!


Not taking photos of yourself in the car while you wait for an appointment.

I’ve now discovered I have a wonky eye. I really didn’t need a new thing to be self conscious about. Ah jeez.

Problem solved.

What wonky eye? “Ah no I don’t want to take my sunglasses off. I realize this is your courtroom Your Honour but let’s just say…when you’re cool the sun shines in you 24 hours a day…you’ll hold me in contempt eh? Fine then. There it is, my wonky eye, happy now? Aww no! I told you to let me keep them on, now you’ve been sick all over your nice robes. Silly Your Honour. Someone clean him up and I’ll pop me glasses back on save for another accident. I can see the lead council is about to heave any second. ”

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