#56 – Get ’em, Gut ’em, Get Rid of ’em


November 30, 2012 by The Sweetest Plum

For once we’ve got an episode onto the website on time…

Dec gets another bad audition, Nick gets another bad ad, and we both have a vietnam-like flashback to our time in Commercial radio. Plus we try to answer the age old question, “Why isn’t everybody just kissing?”

Listen here…

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One thought on “#56 – Get ’em, Gut ’em, Get Rid of ’em

  1. Greg says:

    Hey guys, just wondering if you have ever discovered this sub-species of big-boy? I found it on a saturday night recently. Instead of a big boy with a bombshell, I think there may be a big boy with a minion. This is a particularly unattractive big boy who cannot get a bombshell, or even a girlfriend, but is still charasmatic enough in their world that they command those under them.

    My big boy example was a big fish in the local pub’s fishing club (I think his polo shirt said this). We were at a local Thai, they walked in and big boy ordered for himself and (male) minion. He was very dismissive of minion at all times, and didn’t even make eye contact with minion.

    Also, he was so incredibly drunk that he didn’t notice a teenage mini-riot outside the restaurant window. When all of the customers were standing at the window watching kids being lead away in divvy vans, big boy and minion were destroying their fish cakes and satay sticks.

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