The Merry Plummas Live Podcast

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December 6, 2012 by The Sweetest Plum

Last year, our merry fuckmas show was the most downloaded podcast we ever had and we didn’t even leave Nick’s loungeroom. So this year we’ve gotten way too cocky and decided to do a live show. It’s at Trades Hall in Melbourne on Sunday December 16 and we really have no idea how it will go. It might just be us talking to each other with a couple of drunk communists wonder what the hell a glorse is. If it works we may try to do some live gigs in Sydney and Adelaide next year. If it doesn’t work we’ll head back to my spare room to take refuge behind the Oriental screen. Here’s the place where you book tickets…

Book tickets to see The Sweetest Plum you bastard…

And if you can’t make the gig, here’s the next best thing…

And here’s a message from Nick about the gig which he just emailed me from his couch…

“Our first ever live podcast is on Sunday December 16, please cum! I mean come! If you wish to see a nervous alcoholic drinking to alleviate extreme anxiety- live on stage- this is for you!

With prizes, giveaways and a dartboard on both Dec and my heads you will not be starved for entertainment.

Like upsetting your relatives at Christmas? Simply pick up some Sweetest Plum merchandise at the show and your passive aggressive present buying will be complete- they’ll hate it!

So if I’m conscious on the night, I will see you here. If not, give my unconscious body a kiss on the lips (bring your own mistletoe).

All the best

Nick m”

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