The Sweetest Christmas Presents of All


December 18, 2012 by The Sweetest Plum

Hey Plum’s, thanks you so much to everyone who came to Trades Hall for our live show. It was so much better doing it for actual people, rather than in my dusty spare room. We’re going to post the show in two parts tomorrow and the next day.

So, in the meantime we’ve got a bunch of merchandise leftover from the show and what better way to show someone you care this Christmas, than by giving them a Plum T-shirt or a recording of all our sketches on a completely redundant piece of technology like a CD.

We haven’t had time to set up shopping page, so if you wanna just head to the Pay Pal page, make a donation for the cost of your gift, then in the notes on your donation let us know if you want a CD, or a T-Shirt (and what size). Have we made something relatively simple sound complicated enough?

If you get in before Christmas we’ll send it out straight away and add a plum xmas card.

Sweetest Plum Sketches CD – $10
44 Sketches that we recorded at our previous employer. Includes the Amazing Mario, Kevin Rudd, Shaun Micallef and a bunch of other stuff.

Sweetest Plum T-Shirt – $22
Medium and Large

goldplum shirt

Boom Boom Pow T-Shirt – $22
Now Large Only


Sweetest Plum Xmas Hamper – $50
1 Plum T-Shirt, 1 Boom Boom Pow Shirt, Plum Sketches CD, Plum Tea Towel (now in resplendent orange) and Big Boy Postcard.

5 thoughts on “The Sweetest Christmas Presents of All

  1. Paul Graham says:

    I’d love a t-shirt, but as a big boy/fat bastard, what’s with this medium and large shit? Needs a few X’s in front of it.

    • declanfay says:

      We gave away all of XXXL Big Boy sizes at the live gig. We’ll have to get on the blower with our manufacturers in South East Asia in the morning and see if they can churn out a couple more for the cost of a couple of parmagianas.

      • Richard from America says:

        3x? is that a girl size? You only get the big boy training wheels off at 4… Me? I eat my parms with 5 fingers… so I rock the 5x…

        and if you weren’t thinking of it? POW

  2. Paul Pearce says:

    I don’t care how long it takes those little sweat shop workers to churn out a few more, but put my name on a cuppla big boy sized T’s as well can ya!

  3. […] We’ve also got a bunch of merchandise left over from the gig which is currently lying in a box on the back seat of Nick’s car, including CDs and Boom Boom Pow T-Shirts, so if you’d like to stuff your friends Christmas stocking with stuff from a podcast they’ve never heard of, click here. […]

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