#59 – Merry Plummas – Live


December 20, 2012 by The Sweetest Plum

Last Sunday we did our first ever live show at the Bella Union Bar at Trades Hall. It was probably the best moment we’ve had since starting this podcast a few years back. A massive thanks to Stephen Gates who was our one man big boy band, and Geraldine Quinn, who did the most extraordinary song about our show. This is pretty much the whole thing (although we cut out a couple of bits where the laptop shat itself), and if you hang in there long enough you may even hear Nick sing.

Special tanks to Ian Jackson, who mixed and recorded the whole thing and put up with our annoying voices in his headphones.

Listen to the whole thing below…

Or right this click to download

Or grab it from iTunes

We’ve also got a bunch of merchandise left over from the gig which is currently lying in a box on the back seat of Nick’s car, including CDs and Boom Boom Pow T-Shirts, so if you’d like to stuff your friends Christmas stocking with stuff from a podcast they’ve never heard of, click here.

Nick dancing on the ceiling

3 thoughts on “#59 – Merry Plummas – Live

  1. ok, I have a suggestion for a name of the fans… “The International Trade Union of Plummas”…
    I guess that spells out TITUP.. could be Tit’ Up… Just thinking while I am listening to the voicemail on the show…

  2. David Dalley says:

    Excellent “live” podcast Declan and Nick. I am so sorry that I could not get there to see and here it all live. But I had fun listening to it early this morning all the way through. Pleased to hear and that there was no blood shed and that you were not chased down Lygon Sreet by annoyed Plums!! Have just put my order in for your cd and a t shirt…cant wait for the postie to arrive!!

  3. […] by the end of it, you will almost like a Whitney Houston song!’ (you can hear the podcast here, Geraldine is about 80% of the way […]

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