#61 – New Year’s Eve Couchdown


January 9, 2013 by The Sweetest Plum

We finally stopped pumping ourselves up for the live show and decided to do a New Year’s Eve Podcast. Nick wonders if it’s too late to give the Mistletoe one last crack, and Dec is just trying to buy a safe couch.

You can Listen to it here…

Or download the MP3

Or get it from iTunes. And while your there rate the show and help us feel way better about ourselves.

2 thoughts on “#61 – New Year’s Eve Couchdown

  1. Craig Wight says:

    Hey Guys! Just made my first donation – after all I have listened to all your podcasts and love them – plus I had plenty of cash lying around. Fuck I sound like a Big Boy! To make matters worse I own some racehorses (or glorses) and just got back from being married in Vegas! Although my wife is not a blonde so maybe I’m not a big boy afterall… but my girlfriend is blonde!!!! Look out the fucking humour has arrived!!! ….

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