Nick’s Plus Size Menswear Store is Open – Now With XXXL


January 28, 2013 by The Sweetest Plum


After lengthy discussions with suppliers, Nick has finally managed to add XXXL shirts to his range of Plum merchandise. But anything larger and we’ll have to cut a hole in a bed sheet and spray paint “Boom Boom Pow” on it.

(Please don’t forget to stick your size on the pay pal notes when you order)


Original Post:

Okay Nick has finally got onto his suppliers in Honduras and is ready to drive his Plum merchandise RV into the desert for a sewing session. So here’s the go…

We still haven’t set up a proper online store, so if you wanna just click Donate down the bottom of this page, go to the pay pal page, make a donation for the cost of your item, then in the notes on your donation let us know what you want and what size (Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL).

Also, massive apologies but we added a few dollars onto the price from last time, because the postage nearly killed us.

Sweetest Plum Sketches CD – $10
44 Sketches that we recorded at our previous employer. Includes the Amazing Mario, Kevin Rudd, Shaun Micallef and a bunch of other stuff.

Sweetest Plum T-Shirt – $25

Medium, Large, XL or XXL, or XXXL

goldplum shirt

Boom Boom Pow T-Shirt – $25

Medium, Large, XL or XXL or XXXL


The Big Boy Bonanza Pack – $55

“Sweetest Plum” T-Shirt, “Boom Boom Pow” Shirt, Sweetest Plum Sketches CD,Big Boy Postcard and The Famous Sweetest Plum Tea Towel (for when Big Boy makes a Big Mess).

bigboy postcard

6 thoughts on “Nick’s Plus Size Menswear Store is Open – Now With XXXL

  1. King of Old School says:

    Hey Nick and Dec you call that plus size mens wear, need bigger than XXL i thought big boy’s wear bigger than XXL

  2. Paul Pearce says:

    Hey Dec, I’ve just donated $55 for the big boy bonanza pack (jeez the bombshell’s gunna be happy) through paypal. Dunno exactly where to go to place the order size, but I’m gunna need the big xxl size for both t shirts! cheers Paul

  3. […] And your last chance to get a big boy sized XL, XXL, XXXL plum shirt here. […]

  4. Richard K says:

    Hey, is there any T-shirts left of any variety? Prefrebly in sizes L or above.

    From a interested party.

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