#72 – Remedial Sinatra


May 17, 2013 by The Sweetest Plum


Sorry for the delay. Here’s the last one we recorded before Dec disappeared to have a kid…

Dec is confused by maths, Nick is confused by massage, and some kid Dec went to school with is very confused about Frank Sinatra.


Or right click to download

Or grab it off iTunes

Here’s the bumbag big boy, courtesy of Sarah la Slam

big boy bumbag

And here’s the “JOYBOI” car, courtesy to Emma

joyboi emma

2 thoughts on “#72 – Remedial Sinatra

  1. Paracleet says:

    That bigboy looks like is is somehow defying his lumbering frame and hovering a good 2 inches off the floor of the train. That or he is hanging of a hook on the door.

  2. paracleet says:

    That big boy train boys legs look somehow wrong. Like they’re a dummys legs and he really only exists from the waist up..

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