Ripe Plumcasts from 2013


January 17, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

Sorry for the lack of new year plumcasts. I was away, then Nick was away, then it was 4000 Degrees in Melbourne and it wasn’t possible to walk into Nick’s garage without spontaneously bursting into flames, but we’ve planned one for next week and I’ve even bought a new mixing desk to celebrate the new year. In the meantime, we often* get asked by new listeners where they should start with our episodes so we thought we’d put together a selection of episodes from last year. This isn’t the definitive list of best episodes, it’s just a wide net that covers the range of stuff we did. – Dec

* We have had two emails asking this and a post on facebook. That sort of counts as “often” doesn’t it?

Ps – If you haven’t done it, want to head to iTunes to rate an episode, so when we google ourselves after a few drinks we can feel better?

plum trades mx.jpg-large

#61 – New Years Eve Couchdown

Technically this was recorded in 2012, but Dec’s editing skills meant that it didn’t make it out until January. Somehow Nick turned Dec’s search for a couch into a very violent scene.

#63 – The Denial of Self

Dec went to the most expensive buck’s night of his life, while Nick was at home trying to boil all his anxieties down to a single high pitched noise. It’s also the episode where Nick reveals his deep loathing for Aussie Hip Hop.

#71 – The Live Comedy Festival Plumcast with Dave Quirk

This was our second live comedy festival podcast. It’s hard to explain what happens here, but it was recorded at 11pm at night, and there may have been alcohol involved. Contains Nick’s performance of “Jacko and the Hag”, and a special performance by Geraldine Quinn.

#83 – The Dead Mouse Motel with Rove McManus

This is where we went back to see our old boss Rove who was staying in an unusually small hotel room, which seemed to be filled with random stuff that the hotel didn’t want anymore. Features a special guest appearance from Malik.

#77 – Rising Damp

The case of the stolen arseholes.

#70 – Live Plumcast with Lawrence Mooney and Wilbur Wilde

Wilbur Wilde tears into Mark Knopfler, then tears into Local Hero, while Lawrence Mooney just tears off his pants. If you can hang in there until the end, there’s one of our finest musical moments featuring Mr Steven Gates.


2 thoughts on “Ripe Plumcasts from 2013

  1. paracleet says:

    Rising damp; one of the great podcasts

  2. Tzar says:

    What about a compilation of your songs from the live podcasts???Just a thought!

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