#94 – Glazed and Confused

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April 14, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

Nick is not good at going out for breakfast. Or people yawning at him. Or phone sex. But he does look great in tight black jeans.

Proudly bought to you by our brand new sponsor, The Grandfather’s Hat Fixture Cafe. Now serving the freshest pides with corn shit.

Special thanks to our donors this week – Blake W (2 Buck Gun), Raegan S (Quintuple Gun), Matthew S (Big Gun), Richard K (Quadruple Gun) and Luke L (Brand New Gun). Any other guns who want to fire a few donation bullets our way and get the bonus special thanks plumcast, along with the 34 page thank you email, please head to our donation page

Now here’s the long overdue episode…

Listen Below…

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Or Grab it off iTunes

A natural shipping container

A natural shipping container. The perfect venue for your next nine hour breakfast.


The hip new place to smear your rustic salsa

This is the cabinet screw that triggers the muckhole memory for Joe.

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