#96 – Lady and the Trampoline

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May 28, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

Sorry for the delay (again)

In this episode Nick dreams of spiders. And a spot on a Royal Commission. While Dec just dreams of a computer that doesn’t crash. And we play the Sweetest Plum Drinking Game and hope that listeners don’t get alcohol poisoning.

Listen below…

Or right click to download.

Or grab it off iTunes…

And a massive thanks to all our donation guns this week – Paul R, Jared I, Dan H, John W, John G (not the one from Memento) and Ben Fordham. If anyone else wants to to join the list of guns, please head to our donate page.


The Sweetest Plum drinking game. Kindly created by Natalie. Please play with extreme caution.

Lindsay watches another Gaze/Copeland alley-oop

ACA discovers Motor Finance Wizard isn’t a real wizard


Smashed Avo

Mark Mitchell (without Hawaiian shirt)

Mark Mitchell (without Hawaiian shirt)


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