#98 – People Forget


June 28, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

Dec got his sex education from a guy called Ralph in a nightclub, while Nick got his from a word find puzzle. It explains quite a lot.

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And thanks to all the bloody guns this week… Alex E, Conor H, Danielle S for her palindromic donation, Brooke Gumbleton/Matthews and Comrade Bart Howe. And thanks to John Giblin who was the mysterious donor of the $17.63 which equals a ten pound note.

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Johnny “The Rat” Platten. Fully Clothed. Not in the back of Dec’s VW Beetle.

No Country for Old Monkhorsts

Dec Tinkler 1

The James Fosdike Nathan Tinkler Stitch Up #1

dec tinkler 3

The James Fosdike Nathan Tinkler Stitch Up #2

The James Fosdike Nathan Tinkler Stitch Up #3

A Top Rating Podcast with Richard Fidler staring back at us

Smashed Avo itunes Graphic

User Generated Content – The Smashed Avo (Thanks Reegan)



One thought on “#98 – People Forget

  1. Ange says:

    Hi dec, was listening to old episodes of Get This and heard your name mentioned. Was very funny. It was on rampantstupidity.net podcast 111, August 1st 2007… About 4 mins in.

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