#99 – Horror Movie

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July 26, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

We toast our 99th plumcast with a medium priced shiraz, while Nick implores listeners to get around us for our 100th plumcast. Meanwhile, Nick finds that bad song lyrics are shocking him right out of his brain.

Massive apologies this is so late. To make up for it we’ve recorded an extra long podcast that is all solid gold.*

*May not be all solid gold.

Listen below…

Or right click to download

Or grab it off itunes

You’re probably well tired of us plugging our Greatest Hits Album by now, but we do mention it in the episode, and if you’ve somehow managed to miss the 438 plugs so far, then please grab it below. 45 Tracks. 4 Hours. Ten Bucks.


Stick it in the Dog

glen garry dimitriades

This would have been much different if Nick was the director

Thanks to Nicola for our Medium Priced Shiraz


One of the greatest nights of Nick’s life

alternative plum album cover

Nick’s alternative cover for our greatest hits album

kirin j callinan

Nick’s doppelganger


Pretty Cool Guys






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