#100 – One Hundred


August 17, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

We somehow made it to 100 episodes. The show was recorded in Nick’s garage, a few days after he moved house and he had to beg the power company to leave the electricity on for one extra day so we could record the episode. And the only furniture left was Nick’s dead grandma’s table, which somehow how balanced a mixing desk, laptop, two microphones and a bottle of medium priced shiraz. (The shiraz did eventually fall over, but don’t tell Nick’s real estate agent, because he’ll never get his bond back)

Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Thanks to everyone who has listened/corresponded/donated/supported/or just fired off a mildly abusive message at some stage during the last four years.

Listen below…


Right Click to download

Or grab it from iTunes…
And it would be remiss of us not to plug our Greatest Hits. Grab it here.

Nick’s poses with his dead grandma’s table

2 thoughts on “#100 – One Hundred

  1. Big congrats on the 100 fella’s! Heres to the next 100, cheers.

  2. Sorry for crossing my legs so queerly in the photo. Sorry for a lot of things. My pants look too short, I’m gabbing my knee like if I don’t it will exercise its will and allow my lower leg to start kicking violently, and my expression is waaaayyy too much like a drunk uncle trying to pick up his nephew. Apologies all round. Nickm

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