#101 – The Top Hat

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September 15, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

It’s been a long time between self-loathing sessions, but here’s the brand new plumcast, recorded live from the weird hut out the back of Nick’s new house which could really use some form of plumbing.

Listen to the episode here…


Or Download the episode by right clicking here.

Or grab it from iTunes.

And here’s the obligatory plug for the Greatest Hits album. Click here.

And of course thanks to all the guns, who have donated to our podcast in the last few weeks. In no particular order, give yourselves a 21 gun salute… Michelle L, Angela P, Glen P, Richard L, Rik H, Alex R, John G, Jonathan P, Vivienne R, Tom H, and Richard H who’s eighth donation earns him an UZI badge (when we work out exactly what that is).

For anyone else who’d like to donate and join the long list of guns, and get sent an UZI badge (which doesn’t yet exist), click here. 




Two of the Great operators. This share house arrangement is a sitcom waiting to happen.

hatters shop

The hatters which may or may not have inspired Declan’s Grandma.


Nick’s favourite driving food.


One of the great spin-offs. Thanks to Stephen Device for pointing this out.

nick kroeger 2

Two of the great operators. Only One of them is “Quiet Striking”

paw paw ointment

It’s not called Mr Magoo’s paw paw ointment after all.


Santa Claus may be the only person happy about Nick’s new toilet in his chimney.





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