#102 – Thudding it into Your Bonce


October 3, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

We return to Nick’s Bunglaow/Granny Flat/Man Cave/Depression Hut/Room with No Plumbing, where Nick comes up with a new plan to relaunch our entertainment careers, which involves Scott Cam, or as Nick knows him, Cammy. Plus we share some more father and son time, and take another trip to the motor finance wizard.

And thanks to all our bloody guns who fired donation bullets this week, such as Jessamy, Mitchell and Michael Wray.

Listen Below…


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And here’s the obligatory link to our greatest hits album.

PS – We spend alot of time talking about the Cat Steven’s song “Cat’s in the Cradle”. After some very thorough research/a few minutes googling, we have realised that Cat Steven’s didn’t actually sing Cat’s in the Cradle, it was Harry Chapin. We apologise and await a similar flood of text messages as the Horror Movie Incident.

There’s our mate Cammy (before he carved a bottle opener into his Logie)


michael heals

…and Heals

Motor Finance Wizard gets stitched up again

Classic Pisto



2 thoughts on “#102 – Thudding it into Your Bonce

  1. Adrienne says:

    Dec and Nick, had to look up bonce in the Aussie slang dictionary. Good thing you spelled it out out in the blurb that comes with the ep. Don’t worry about the Harry Chapin thing. We all knew what you meant.

    Please keep the eps coming. You are hysterical.

    Your fan in Boston.

    • Thanks Adrienne, there has been an enormous amount of discussion about whether it is Bonce or Boonce amongst ourselves and listeners, but the conclusion we’ve come to is that it is spelled “Bonce”, but pronounced “Boonce”. That’s as good as we’ve got. Great to have an american fan. I’m pretty sure that makes two of you. Love Dec

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