#104 – Just Keep Bowling


November 3, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

Dec and Nick hook themselves up to a very expensive computer via electrodes and wait for the Television Networks to start calling. So grab a plate of arancini balls and some three day old sushi and sit back and enjoy the show. proudly bought to you by our new brand sponsor, the Apple Toothpaste Milky Way Combo Buy, available at participating Shell Petrol Stations.

Listen below…


Or right-click here to download

Or grab it from iTunes (where you can also rate the show to make us feel much better about ourselves)

And here’s the obligatory/slightly desperate link to our greatest hits album


Background Material

An Arancini Ball

A scene from from the upcoming ratings smash, Declan Fay’s Electrodes.

Geraldine elvis clock

Geraldine Quinn, with the Elvis Clock, in Ballarat. (It sounds like the answer a game of Cluedo)

Jason Dunstall, AKA Bunghole

Nick telling me to fuck off in front of his patchwork quilt.

Australian Spin Bowler, Peter Taylor.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.41.17 pm

Just Keep Bowlin’

Ed Kowalczyk performing on his stripped back, acoustic tour (Artist’s Impression)



2 thoughts on “#104 – Just Keep Bowling

  1. Casey B says:

    Fizzing at the bunghole! (It doesn’t sound right to me without the ‘hole’.) Classic slang.

    Actually it’s not really even slang – the bunghole is literally the hole you bore into a barrel to remove some of its (liquid) contents, after which you might stopper up the hole (with a piece of cork = “bung”). Obviously if a barrel is fizzing at the bunghole it’s got a lot of, ah, fermented energy to express. (You could try to bung in another stopper but it’ll only hold it back for a little longer.)

    Unsurprisingly, Wikipedia tells us that “bunghole” has been slang for anus since at least the 1650s. Nowadays it’s also used to describe the other lower female aperture in a state of excitement – all well and good although, in my opinion, somewhat disrespectful to the perfectly serviceable pre-existing “gooey at the fork”, which I hope will not be neglected as a result.

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