#105 – The Fermentation Process

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November 18, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

Dec’s dental bill is in danger of sending him broke, while Nick’s brain is danger of sending him over the edge. And we manage to do the longest, most self-indulgent, confusing plug for our live shows. Proudly bought to you by the brand new “Bye Guys” app.

As you’ll hear on the episode, we’re doing two live podcasts, one in Melbourne on December 14 and the other in Sydney on December 4. Get tickets by clicking on these links…

Sydney, Easy Tiger, Thursday December 4, 8PM

Melbourne, Bella Union Bar, Trades Hall, December 14, 5PM

And special thanks to all our guns who donated this week – John G, Aiden G and Raegon (for feeding us). Anyone else looking to donate, click here

Otherwise here’s the episode…

Listen below


Or Right Click Here to Download

Or grab it off iTunes


australia china trade deal

How do we cash in on this?


Bye Guys

edelsten capper nixon

See No Reality, Hear No Reality, Experience No Reality

Red Water



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