#106 – The Shameless Plug


November 26, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

The Fay and Maxwell families cordially invite you to attend their forthcoming live performances. The gigs will take place on Thursday December 4 at the Easy Tiger in Sydney, and Sunday December 14 at Bella Union Bar in Melbourne (if Nick can hold off the debt collectors until then).

Get Tickets below. Buy Early and Buy in Bulk!

All proceeds go to The Probe Group.

Sydney, Easy Tiger, Thursday, December 4, 8PM

Melbourne, Bella Union Bar, Sunday, December 14, 5PM

Gallipoli, Turkey (TBC)


Now here’s the episode…


Right click to download

Or grab it off iTunes

Steven Gates will be there (if we can get his guitar on the plane)


Ariana Grande may also be there

The Sweetest Plum always flies with Tiger Airways

A listener, Kate, made us this. We’re going to try and stick it on a t-shirt in time for the gig.


And here’s a grab from last years show…







One thought on “#106 – The Shameless Plug

  1. Peter F says:

    Wonderful. Nearly ran off the road, tears in my eyes laughing.

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