Live Shows – Sydney December 4 and Melbourne December 14

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November 28, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

plum gig fb cover

Over the last few weeks we’ve bombarded facebook and twitter with plugs for our live gigs, along with an entire episode dedicated to plugging our live gigs. So we thought it was time to do the same thing on our website.

Basically the gigs are below. Click the gig you want and it will send you straight to the ticket site.

Sydney, Thursday December 4, Easy Tiger, 8PM

Melbourne, Sunday December 14, Bella Union Bar in Trades Hall, 5PM

Gallipoli, Turkey, Dawn Service, 2015 (TBC)

So far we haven’t confirmed guests, but we’re pretty sure this guy is coming, and we’ve even confirmed his guitar as checked baggage.

Steven Gates

Other potential guests who may appear (we’re still in negotiations with their people)…

Lindsay Gaze, Lindsay Fox, Classic Pisto, Australian Spin Bowler Peter Taylor, Warnie, Ben Fordham, The Motor Finance Wizard, The Cullen Brothers, The bloke who runs the electrode machine (if it is not being hired by the ABC on the same day), Ariana Grande, Ricky Nixon, Warwick Capper (who’ll be kicking himself back into form), Geoffrey Edelsten, Geraldine Quinn, John G, Alex Dimitriades, Salvatore Coco, Ed Kowalczyk, The Great Man (who’ll be doing some of his very best work), Harry Chapin, Yusuf Islam, Brian McFadden, Kyle Sandilands, Johnny “The Rat” Platten, Wayne “The Dominator” Johnston, Jason “Bunghole” Dunstall, the surviving members of the Skyhooks, Nathan Tinkler, Axel Whitehead (he’ll be briefed with lies beforehand), Mark Mitchell, our mate Cammy, and of course, Gynge and Heals.


And here’s some pics from previous gigs…

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 8.18.19 pm Nick drew nick dec last year Lawrence Mooney pants down Geraldine quinn Dec Nick happy Wilbur Gatesy quirk nick dec pull me nick premium seats




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