#107 – Live in Sydney

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December 16, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

It’s our first live show in Sydney. Thanks so much to everyone who came. Thanks to Leyne for organising the night for us. And special thanks to Tiger Air for getting Gatesy’s guitar there safely. And of course, thanks to the Probe Group for their ongoing support.

Listen below…


Or right click to download

Or grab it off iTunes

Nick thuds a bacon deluxe into his bonce at Melbourne Airport, while Gatesy wonders if his guitar will make it to Sydney

Nick Gatesy oversized baggage

Nick and Gatesy wait at the oversized baggage collection point for Gatesy’s guitar.

Gatesy's guitar escalator

Gatesy gets his guitar with only a few rattling sounds.

Nick got the double bed, while Dec and Gatesy were forced to top and tail

Dec nick gatesy

The Sweetest Plum enjoy the mood lighting

Nick dec on stage sydney

Dec talks while Nick looks slightly demonic

Jimmy capper greco

Special guest Jimmy Capper Greco. Has not been heard from since.


Steven Gates rexy

Gatesy as the West Australian Fisheries Minister, Rexy as secretary to the minister.

Nick mark mitchell cullen

Nick and listener Mark Mitchell as the Cullen Brothers

Gatesy's guitar

Gatesy guitar placed moodily on a giant barrel

Nick after gig

Nick ponders the Sydney streets after the gig.

Nick fin stuart faz

And thanks to Stuart Faz for this version

Nick tiger air

Nick waits at the departure lounge


And finally, we have a couple of T-Shirts left over from the live shows that we didn’t sell. We’ve got Old School grey Sweetest Plum Shirts (a couple of large ones left) and Cullen Brothers shirts in Medium, Large and Extra Large. The cost is $30 which covers postage, handling and Nicks anxiety at the Post Office. If you’d like to buy one, send us an email at sweetestplum@outlook.com and we can work it out from there.

Here’s Barry Cullen modelling a shirt below…

Cullen brothers shirt

“Nothin’ wrong with a bit of sellin'”




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