#110 – Bright Side of the Road

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February 25, 2015 by The Sweetest Plum

Apologies for the long wait, there was a couple of issues (ranging from sound to emotional). We’re recording the next one tomorrow, so it’ll be much up faster. But it seems that Nick spent that time listening to way too much classic hits radio. You’ll understand why when you listen to the show.

Listen below…


Or right click to download

Or grab it off iTunes. While your there why not subscribe and rate the show (voice quavering trying not to sound too desperate)


Will your mouth still remember the taste of his love?

Aah strapping yourself into a floating drum cage suspended over the fucken audience are ya?

Don’t look at me Woosie

Nick reegan Nash

Some User Generated Content from Reegan Nash

He was more far more depressed than we remembered

The Nintendo Australian Cricket Team

C. McDirt

H. Mervyn

The Great Man

Ian Woosnam


Michael Byrne, the caddie who lost Woosie the PGA



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