#117 – Full Moon Party

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August 31, 2015 by The Sweetest Plum

The episode was up on Friday, but we’ve only just gotten around to posting the website version now. So sit back and relax with a couple of buckets. With thanks to our new sponsor, Freddie’s Feedbags.

Listen Below…

Or right click for the episode

Or grab it off iTunes. While you’re there be a gun and rate the epsiode, and help us generate some iTunes heat.

Dec’s impression of himself at work

Nick’s impression of Dec at work

Who will we throw in the toss pot this week?

The Shark article

“Don’t go too hard”

Khao-San-Road. Buckets is somewhere out there.

Our new sponsor, Freddie’s Feedbags

Depressed salesman. Our target market.

Another Depressed Salesman awaits the next episode of the Sweetest Plum

bucket on couch guy

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