#118 – Mi Casa Su Casa

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September 8, 2015 by The Sweetest Plum

Other possible names for this episode: “Extended Period of Silence”, “Living in the Moment”, “A Blight at the Opera”, “24 Hour Gym”, “Anxious Bowel Syndrome”, “Two Minute Noodles” and “Two Arseholes talking shit on a thing”.

Here’s the new episode. Listen below or right click here to download it.

Or grab it off iTunes (while you’re there, be a gun and rate the show)

By now, most of you have probably heard the extraordinary Geraldine Quinn Billy Joel/Sweetest Plum tribute, but if not, here’s the clip. Please savour the editing skills because it took Dec about 5 hours to work out how to make the lyrics come up on iMovie.

You’ll notice that we’ve been putting up episodes a bit more regularly, hopefully we can keep this up. We’re back to both being unemployed, so we’ve got a bit of time on our hands. We’re also going to do another special thanks bonus guncast for all the guns who’ve donated over the last few years. If you wanna donate, just click here.  We’re also going to do an email newsletter (which feels very late 90s), if I  can work out how to use Mail Chimp.

And finally, here’s the background material for this episode…

Bring Famous Opera Singers Here

Ladies if you love your man…

Opera Cake

Thanks Reid for this

And thanks Maxx for this

And the Great Man, James Fosdike for this

Steam Nose This Arsehole!

Please place this with the other salads

Radio DDG (Thanks Max)

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