#121 – A Macabre Spectacle

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November 13, 2015 by The Sweetest Plum

This week’s burning questions… Why is Neil Perry dressed in a lobster suit? How should you react if Grant Denyer cracks out his Con the Fruiterer impersonation? Just how many hours does Terry Wallace spend in his tanning bed? And how many tickets do you want to buy to our live gig in Melbourne on Sunday December 13? Submit your answer to that one here.

Grab it off iTunes.

Listen below. here Or right click here to download

den sotest plummen

This should get major online heat in Norway. Thanks to Scrim for the support and the great man, James Fosdike, for the design.

denyer family feud

The Great Man, Grant Denyer, on Family Feud, just waiting for a chance to crack out his Con the Fruiterer impersonation.


Dustin Fletcher defying Nick’s predictions by five years.


What comes up if you google “Fancy Feast”. maybe this is what Nick meant.


The Great Man, Neil Perry, in his Rockpool kitchen.

rockpool lobster william tinkle

Rockpool Lobster. By William Tinkle.

Rockpool Lobster. By Maxx Lockhart.


The Great Man, Robert Dipierdomenico, at the races, prior to selling his phone number for 20 cents.

terry wallace fifty shades.jpg-large

How Now Brown Plough. Thanks to Rad Bitchinson for this.


Dom Sheed.

sunny boy mistakes weve made


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