Remembering Richard Marsland


December 16, 2015 by The Sweetest Plum

When we post the live show tonight, you’ll hear us pay tribute to a friend of our Richard Marsland who passed 7 years ago around this time.  Richard was genuinely one of the best writers/comedians/broadcasters/people we have ever met and one of the most unique voices in the comedy industry. He was one of those people who didn’t get into comedy to be famous or make money, he just loved comedy, and loved making comedy and making people laugh. We could write thousands of words about him, but the best thing we can do is just stick up a few old clips, so people can hear just how funny he was.

Here’s the Warwick Capper clip mentions during the live show, which is still one of our favourite radio sketches ever, and partly led to our fascination of Warwick (one of our favourite moments is when George Donikian seems genuinely concerned about “Warwick’s” whereabouts)


And here’s a musical sketch he wrote about being a tax accountant…


We might post a few more clips, but these are great starters (if anyone has a link to the Tony Martin/Ed Kavalee tribute podcast for Richard please send it through).


A few listeners did have links to the Get This Tribute to Richard with Tony and Ed (Thanks so much Peter and Jared). So here it is…


Or download it by right clicking here.





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  1. […] Toward the end of the podcast, you’ll hear us pay tribute to an old friend of ours, Richard Marsland, who could genuinely be described as the Great Man. We’ve stuck some of his very best work up here. […]

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