#127 – Under Siege


July 26, 2016 by The Sweetest Plum

Alternate Titles for this episode: A Sacrifice to the Gods, A Change Room is as Good as a Holiday, and You Say Potato… I say Windscreen Wiper.

People implicated in this week’s episode: Steven Seagal, Erika Eleniak, Eddie McGuire, Nick’s Dad, Declan’s Dad, Curly Sue, Old Men in Swimming Change Rooms and The Mayans.

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4 thoughts on “#127 – Under Siege

  1. paracleet says:

    Research suggests that Nick was right about the potatoes and it is more of surface prep. You won’t supposed to sit there continuously wiping with the potato.
    Indeed the more I think about it the funnier the metal image gets..


  2. paracleet says:

    Whoops, jumped the gun.

  3. Ross Green says:

    Hi guys

    While it’s great to have you back from the family property and have you in such rich form straight away, I can’t help but notice you haven’t yet mentioned the elephant in the room.

    Slipknot. Australian Tour 2016. Rod Laver Arena. October 31.

    Yes, on Halloween. Which may take it from typical-Slipknot-weird to totally-fucked-up-creepy-Knotfest.

    But what a night’s entertainment!!

    I’m keen to know whether Nick is going to see these merry masked men or whether a live podcast or live cross is being planned?

    I’m sure many Plum fans will either help pitch in for a ticket or come along to the gig with you!




  4. Mat says:

    This is my new favourite poddy. Keep up the good work dec and nick!

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