#129 – Walk Like an Egyptian


September 19, 2016 by The Sweetest Plum

Sorry, for neglecting the website listeners. Here’s a belated post for Episode 129.

People implicated in this episode: Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Prince, Andrew Gaze, John Travolta and the entire cast of Wild Hogs (even though we don’t know who they are) and some guy just trying to have a coffee, but he’s got his kid there.

Listen below

Or right click to download

Or grab it off iTunes (while you’re there, be a bloody gun and rate the show)

Also to see Nick’s passive aggressive walk like an egyptian dance, head to our facebook page (we can’t upload it here because our budget wordpress plan doesn’t allow videos)

And for the record, I wasn’t that far off the Michael Jackson scat in Remember the Time (it’s at 6.30, the youtube video should automatically jump there).




One thought on “#129 – Walk Like an Egyptian

  1. PM says:

    Boys, the last couple of podcasts have been 100% comedy Gold so it’s probably time I made another donation. However, rather than just chunking you a pineapple, I’m going to issue you a challenge (like people used to do in the good old days of the Yooralla Telephon):

    The next time you include a ‘Cullin Bros’ sketch in the podcast, I will immediately make a DOUBLE pineapple deposit (Total: $100) into your account.

    No pressure, but the balls are in your court……


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