#131 – The Pre-Apology


October 11, 2016 by The Sweetest Plum

Earlier this year, Nick and I stopped posting episodes for a lengthy period. It wasn’t intentional, it just sort of happened, and we both know, we fucked up. So to make up for it, we’ve organised a live gig for listeners called The Public Apology. It’s Sunday, October 16, 500pm at the Rochester Hotel, 202 Johnston St, Fitzroy. And it’s five bucks on the door. This episode was meant to promote it, but we forgot to mention it for twenty minutes, then Nick spends the last fifteen minutes trying to explain why a free gig costs five dollars on the door.

Listen Below

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One thought on “#131 – The Pre-Apology

  1. […] you haven’t listened to our latest episode, we do try to plug the gig, but its twenty minutes of slamming commercial radio hosts and ten […]

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