Best Fronds



These aren’t really our best fronds, in fact most of them don’t even know we exist. But they’re all Podcasts we quite like (or friends of ours who will be weird and passive aggressive next time we see them, if they’re not included on the list).

WTF – With Marc Maron

Nick’s favourite podcast. This podcast is a comedy nerd’s wet dream, with interviews with everyone from Conan O’Brien to Garry Shandling to Louis CK. You won’t need to buy another book on comedy, just listen to this podcast. In fact, take all your books on comedy and burn them in your backyard and when your fire catches onto a nearby tree and incinerates your entire backyard, listen to this podcast and it will make you feel better about the arson charges you’ll soon be facing. We had Marc Maron on our old radio show and he spoke with us for an hour while the publicist outside the studio got increasingly agitated that it was taking so long. If we can find it, we’ll stick up.

Maron also interviews a bunch of musicians, and a few weeks back interviewed Nick Cave in his garage, even though cave has no idea what a podcast is, which sort of weirdly works. It’s worth it just to hear Nick Cave’s story about Russell Crowe asking him to write the script for Gladiator 2, and then hearing what nick came up with.


The Bugle

Probably the best topical comedy podcast going around (Just realised how awful the term “Topical Comedy Podcast” sounds. I swear we’ll never use those terms again). Hosted by John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, it’s very newsy and very nerdy and perfect for people who like The Daily Show, which makes sense because John Oliver is on the Daily Show. The Bugle used to be part of The Times newspaper last year but got axed, which made us feel much better about getting axed ourselves. Now they make it themselves.

Professor Blastoff

Professor Blastoff


This one was recommended to us by our resident musician and “friend of the show”, Stephen Gates. One of the hosts, Tig Notaro, is one of the best comedians on the planet right now, if you haven’t seen her bit, No Moleste, then have a look. She also did amazing show about finding out she had breast cancer, which Dec has been banging on about for the last year.


The Mental Illness Happy Hour

This is a guy who interviews comedians about their various forms of mental illness. It really makes you feel much better about your own issues. Dec has been trying to get Nick to listen to it for months.


A podcast with Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen who started at the same time as us, but are now the biggest independent podcast in the country. Bastards.

This American Life

Dec thinks this is the best radio show on air. Nick has never listened to it.

Walking the Room

Declan got drunk and sucked up to one of the hosts, Greg, during the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Then he realised Greg was a former alcoholic who doesn’t drink. Then he spent the next twenty minutes apologising while Greg slowly edged away.


The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons

This is a sports nerds wet dream (That’s the second time we’ve used wet dream on this page. It will not happen again). Simmons also runs the Grantland site which is the hip website for sports/pop culture nerds. It’s very good if you like articles like “Why Notre Dame is the Kanye West of College Football”

The Moth

This is a podcast of people telling stories about themselves, although it’s much more interesting than that description makes it sound. They put a fifteen minute story up every week. It’s really good.

The Songs we Sing

This is a very funny piss take on those really over earnest music interviews you hear on the radio. Way more people should listen to this podcast.

On Cinema

Very funny piss-take of film reviews by Tim Heidecker (Tim and Eric) and Greg Turkington (Neil Hamburger).

The Boardroom

We used to work with these people. They are deeply fucked up.

The Dum Dum Club

Nick and I have both been on this show. They only invite us on when they have completely run out of guests, or when they have accidentally deleted an episode. They are not good people.


It’s not about sharp knives often found on tradesmen and the occasional terrorist, it’s about TV. These guys were one of the first proper podcasts in Australia. They’ve now done over 300 episodes and have even toured the bloody thing overseas to SXSW. They deserve a pat on the back for lasting this long and not murdering each other in the face.

The ABCs of SNL

This is strictly for the hardcore comedy nerds. Kevin Smith interviews Jon Lovitz about his time on SNL at a live theatre which Jon Lovitz bought and renamed the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre. Over four one hour episodes Kevin Smith goes through every episode of SNL that Jon Lovitz was ever on. At one stage it seems like Lovitz may never stop talking, but for anyone who’s ever been interested in sketch comedy, impro or SNL it’s pretty fascinating.

Snitch and Lins


We haven’t listened to this much since last year, but one of them, Snitch, used to record a lot of our sketches at our previous employer, which means he was forced to listen to every bad accent, dubious gag, and worst of all Declan’s very nasal voice. So for that they deserve a plug. (Plus we told them we’d stick them on this list last year and have done bugger all to honour that)

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

Jesse Thorn basically invented the pop-culture podcast in the states. If you’re a music/film/comedy/pop culture nerd, you’ll like this. We’ve been trying to get Jesse Thorn to let us join his podcast empire, but he doesn’t return our emails. We even tried emailing his wife, but that didn’t work. So we’ll stick this plug for his podcast here, in that hope that one day he googles himself in a moment of vanity and weakness and somehow ends up here. Then he’ll put us on his network, right? Right?


Anxiety Slayer

A podcast to improve inner peace and well being. Declan has been trying to make Nick listen to this, but so far the evidence suggests he hasn’t listened to a single word.

7 thoughts on “Best Fronds

  1. Dan says:

    If you can be bothered check out The Flophouse and My Brother, My Brother and Me might be up your alley. Nonsense occasional swearing and what not

    • declanfay says:

      Thanks for the heads up. Haven’t heard the Flophouse, but listened to alot of early MBMBAM stuff, although haven’t heard it for awhile. Could be time to give it another crack. A few American listeners have compared us to MBMBAM except we’re not brothers and we can’t help anyone.

  2. Nick says:

    To quote Marc Maron, what the fuck?! Declan does another podcast!!! With some other nutcracker??? This listener/host is NOT happy!

  3. paracleet says:

    Hey, someone has to go for the loser teams, or you don’t have a comp.

    I’m a Freo man myself…

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