Congratulations, you found the  home page of The Sweetest Plum Podcast. Or you were looking for something else entirely and ended up here and you’re currently muttering to yourself “who are these two arseholes?” Anyway, you’re here now, so you might as well get to know us. Our names are Nick Maxwell and Declan Fay. We are both comedy writers who have worked on some good TV shows and some other shows which we’re desperately trying to erase from our IMDB pages. Nick was the voice of Kevin Rudd PM and Declan once wrote a wank joke for Rove which nearly got the whole writer’s room fired. We briefly worked on commercial radio, but we can’t mention that, otherwise they will kill a member of our families.

Here’s a picture a very kind listener called James Fosdike made for us with Cadel Evans holding our decapitated heads. It was the nicest thing anyone did for us last year.

You may have seen Nick in a variety of TV roles such as “Man smiling proudly at his RACV insurance confirmation at letterbox” or more recently as “Brob” in an ad for Ice Coffee with Ryan Shelton (who’s the only guest we’ve ever had on the podcast).

You may not have seen Dec on TV because he completely cocks up every audition, but here he is in previous duo, trying to get into the MCG members while wearing a gimp suit…

One thought on “About

  1. David Dalley says:

    Hi Declan and Nick…thanks for your “The Sweetest Plum tea towel”!! It arrived in the mail today. My wife (Julie), who sometimes listens inadvertently when I am listening to your podcast, was most excited to receive your tea towel in the mail. She does all the washing up in our household so she was very happy to have a new sparkling tea towel to add to her tea towel drawer. She has already put your tea towel in her special ironing basket, waiting to be ironed and washed before she uses it, as per your instructions!

    When I donated to The Sweetest Plum I never expected anything in return but I do appreciate your efforts in sending us your tea towel. I have had immense enjoyment listening to your podcasts and continue to listen and admire your creative skills. Keep up the good work!!
    Best wishes,
    David Dalley

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