#45 – Going Up to See Corporate


July 26, 2012 by The Sweetest Plum

Nick and Dec get their their first writing job since being axed from radio and have forgotten what it’s like to have a real job. Plus we find out what happens when a big boy goes out with a big girl. And special thanks to Plum Picasso-in-Residence, James Fosdike, for drawing us a wonderful picture of a big boy and his bombshell.

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One thought on “#45 – Going Up to See Corporate

  1. cj says:

    So, it was loud on the street and I AM Canadian …

    I thought you said, “My GRANDMA has deteriorated 17.5% …”
    Man, did I make an ass of myself with a rather sudden public explosion of laughter. Such is the lot of the headphoned podcast listener.

    It was still funny once I realized what you’d actually said, but I still think the notion that your podcast is slowly killing off the family members of your audience is significantly funnier.

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