#84 – The Knife


October 17, 2013 by The Sweetest Plum

Nick brings his knife out, Dec has a teen wolf moment and together they hand out some warm fuzzies and cold pricklies.

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One thought on “#84 – The Knife

  1. paracleet says:

    I appreciate what Nick is saying about what other people think about you. One of my personal theories is that social skills can be handed to people in an uneven way. For instance, I am naturally on the weird side and have average to poor social interaction skills but my ability to read other people’s emotions is not similarly impaired. I.E. I tend to go around offending people occasionally through either being obtuse or impatient or (seemingly only hopefully) arrogant or simply saying things that don’t fit in with what people would think belong in the context of the conversation or situation that is occurring, but I can always tell immediately that I have offended or angered someone, or said something out of place, and then feel guilty and / or embarrassed about it.
    To put it more concisely I lack the instinct to sense in advance what people (generally that I don’t know of course) will like or agree with but can always tell when what I have said is not going down well. Some people can do both, some can’t do the second. They’re both happier!

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