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Episode 37 – Craving an Intervention

Nick needs someone to tell him what to do. Dec needs a decent audition. They both need a decent slogan to stick on Sweetest Plum T-Shirt. Plus there’s a journalist taking notes in the background waiting to stitch them both up.

Episode 36 – Ode to Joy Boys with Ryan Shelton

We got sick of just talking to eachother, so we asked our old friend Ryan Shelton to be on the show. (Also we needed someone with a kitchen, because both of ours we being used)

Podcast 35 – Honk if your Horn is Broken

Starts off bathed in autumn sun and ends in total darkness.

Podcast 34 – Best Ever Soups

Nick peruses Dec’s bookshelf and doesn’t like what he finds. Plus, we learn the difference between a big boy and a joy boy. And find out what happened in the sad tale of Bumblebee.

Podcast 33 – Plight of the Bumblebee

It starts off quite well, but then Nick gets a text message which sends him to a very bad place. There’s also some fairly average singing.

Podcast 32 – The Turbo Easter Spectacular

Dec’s Catholic guilt and Nick’s autumnal melancholy combine to create this very special Easter episode.

Podcast 31 – Straight to the Shredder

The show starts with a bad rendition of a David Bowie and pretty much goes downhill from there. And find out why everybody should be driving out of their office with a chocolate cake on the roof. All bought to you by our brand new sponsor menwholooklikewebs.com

Podcast 30 – Stay Gold Johnny Boy

There is too much discussion about all you can eat restaurants and male sex enhancement medication. That’s about it really.

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