The Most Awkward Ad in the History of TV


January 2, 2014 by The Sweetest Plum

I was watching the cricket last night and came across one of the greatest/painfully awkward ads in the history of modern advertising.

For a thirty second ad about a shopping website there is a lot to unpack. Firstly, why do the background images look like graphics from a version of Powerpoint that came with Windows 95?

Secondly, why didn’t someone tell this woman how to pronounce the word “Our”? She spends the whole ad pronouncing “Our Deal” as “Arrgh Deal”, so it sounds like the website is selling pirate related paraphernalia.

But at least the woman is actually having a go, which is more than you can say for the weird mute husband, who spends the whole ad wincing, as if he’s just done a silent but deadly fart and is terrified that the woman will smell it.

He’s like one of those really stoned guys at a party who stand on the edge of a conversation, trying to pretend that they know what’s going on, while simultaneously terrified that someone will notice how stoned they are.

Then just when you thought it wasn’t humanly possible for weird, wincing, mute husband to get anymore awkward, two small children suddenly materialise. As he looks down at the little kid in front of him, he’s not sure if he should pat the kid, or swat it away, and in the end he leaves his hand hovering just above the little kid’s head, as if he’s just noticed that kid has a shocking case of head lice.

– Dec

One thought on “The Most Awkward Ad in the History of TV

  1. Owen Rees says:

    Just saw the current Our Deal ad, and remembered this one… no wonder they got rid of it. Imagine the meetings with ad company. Awks!

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