#123 – The Sweetest Plum – Live!

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December 17, 2015 by The Sweetest Plum


Here it is. Our end of year live show. I won’t say too much, so you can enjoy it yourself. But a huge thanks to all our guests, the great guitar operator, Steven Gates, Damian Cowell (TISM) for finally helping us put some actual Christmas material into our Christmas show, and Geraldine Quinn who performs a very special number with Nick. Also thanks to Bella Union for having us again and thanks to all the bloody guns who turned up to watch. Also thanks to everyone who hung in there during the year when we didn’t post an episode for a few months while spending time at our respective family properties.

Listen below


Or right click to download.

Or grab it off iTunes. While you’re there spread little christmas cheer and rate the show/leave a review.

Toward the end of the podcast, you’ll hear us pay tribute to an old friend of ours, Richard Marsland, who could genuinely be described as the Great Man. We’ve stuck some of his very best work up here.

Here’s some photos from the gig (they’ll make more sense when you hear it)…


And here’s some great photos taken just before the gig by renowned photographer Peter Milne, who photographed the early days of the comedy scene in Melbourne. We’ll post the whole lot a bit later week.

nick dec balloonsnick dec goughnick sunnys


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