Okay, forget everything we’ve said about free stubby holders, because it looks like we’re out. (Cue bad cover version of Van Morrison’s No More Lockdown except swap the word Lockdown for stubby holders). Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we’ve some how managed to empty that whole giant box in the last year.

But if you are still keen to Donate, then we can send you some stickers, and Nick can still put you in his prayers. Plus any donation over $20 and we’ll send you a free download of the greatest hits album, The Plummest. If you’ve already got it, then you can give it to someone else (ideally someone who hasn’t ever heard the show, and just confuse the shit out of them). We’re also going to do another bonus episode soon, which we’ll send out to all our donors. 

stubby holder box

So if you feel like it and can afford it, please Donate Here

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.18.30 pm

Under here is our old donate message, which we’ll leave here for the time being… 

This is the awkward page where we ask for money. You’ll notice it’s hidden right up the back of the website, because quite frankly, neither of us are very good at asking for money. Dec was raised by Catholics who taught him that you never ask anyone for help, you just guilt everyone with a series of sullen looks and loud sighs. And Nick was raised by lawyers who taught him that if you need money, you just go out and steal it off someone less fortunate than you.

So we won’t won’t guilt you and we won’t steal it from you. But we do really like making this podcast and we’d like to keep making it. So if you’d like to help us keep making it, that would be incredibly generous. In the last few years we’ve been astounded at how many listeners have donated to the show, so we decided to give something in return. So anyone who donates immediately join the long list of “Guns” who have donated to the show, which means you’ll receive an exclusive “Special Thanks Plumcast” along with a 14 page thank you email (In truth it’s about two pages, but somewhere Nick decided it was 14 pages long). We’ll also thank you out loud on the next podcast,where Nick will probably make a series of gun sound effects.

Here’s the donate button (which took Declan about three hours to work out how to upload), so click this and become a gun today.

Or alternately you could click on this link…


36 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Left Donation- do I win? I hope all your other American listeners will support these little dick heads. Keep doing what you do,
    Signed a hopeful “friend of the show” candidate, and physically a Big Boy.

    • declanfay says:

      You do win Ric. We haven’t worked out what you’ve won. But you’ve won. Thanks enormously. Love Nick and Dec.

      • opus1617 says:

        Love you guys, and the holiday shows… I love the Big boy, joy boy stuff… how much (of a donation) would it take for you to stop taking a run a fat people?

  2. James Pigott says:

    It’s a good thing I don’t have any real income or I’d be in some serious shit. Love the show. ❤

  3. I loved your new dictionary.. I can’t believe that there are only 3 comments on this donate page, Hopefully there there more submarine donators… They donate silently, and run deep…

  4. After seeing your new tea towel… all I can think of is “Boom boom Pow”… and my hot wife is a brunette… signed the Big Boy

  5. declanfay says:

    We welcome all new big boys and their brunette bombshells.

  6. James says:

    Listened to the show in the good old days and its f***ing awesome to hear you guys back at it, reminds me of the Friday night drinks show you use to do. Every show has been better than the last Keep it up boys, I have no doubt your off kilter brand of comedy will have an exponentially growing following across the internet.

  7. Real Fans leave donations… Hint Hint for all you looky lews….
    Comedy is worth paying for, sometimes before you hear it, and sometimes
    after… now is the time for after… Make sure to buy a snack for Smoken Mimi!!!!

  8. Guess it is time to donate again, so I can get tea towel number 2… or Dos for the local mexicans

  9. Head wound feeling better… I can’t remember what happened… I think I was coming to the site to make a donation… POW donation POW donation POW donation, I need to take a tinkler

  10. Richard from America says:

    Sent a Couchdown gift… Happy New Year… Chicken Parms on me!

  11. Sam T says:

    Just donated for the second time,if this is what it takes for you guys to keep pumpin’ and muckin’ then so be it

  12. It’s Christmas time… did you remember to leave the tip for your favorite podcasts? You know I won’t forget to leave your financial cookie for you this holiday…

  13. Ben says:

    I’ve just donated $200 so I can be the biggest bloody gun of all the big boys out there.

    Ben Fordham

  14. Alex says:

    Did some donatin’. Love the show, you bloody guns

  15. opus1617 says:

    Left a momento in your box

  16. rikkityboo says:

    I just donated $10. I was going to use that money to buy a puppy for an orphanage but fuck it. Chances are they’ll use it as a drug mule at some later date. Enjoy.

  17. Janet Talent says:

    when will someone get smart and pick you guys up? you are seriously talented and so un commercial- a joy to listen to. Thanks and keep at it!!!

  18. The Colonel says:

    Hey guys it’s the colonel here,

    I’m another friend of the stinky man you know as swamp thing. But the main reason I’m emailing is I’m a good friend and old housemate of the one you know as Daniel aka fat Dogg aka Dos.

    The thing you don’t realise is this man has a lists of nicknames that goes on for days and fat Dogg as I usually call him loves all the attention.

    Here is the list, who knows how many more he was given during his days in Belfast drinking buck fast from the bottle…he’s a real piece of work..

    Fat Dogg
    Yes man
    Oyse pronounced as ‘oi’ + ‘see’
    Fat Dogg and the fats
    Oyster sauce and the oyster five
    Fat boy
    The fat
    Fat Daniel
    Fat dizzle
    Fat D
    The dog
    Justin Bieber
    Fat Danny
    oyster sauce
    CHAMPAGNE DANNY (his self given dj name)
    Fat Diz-Rizzle
    Butterscotch Krang
    Danny cunthorpe
    Dog the chocolate bounty hunter
    Duck duck and goose

    Have you got anymore for this idiot…

    You guys are the best we’ve got keep it up!

    From the colonel

  19. The Colonel says:

    Hi guys I’m a big boy and find grant Denya funny!
    Is Nauru the place were I should be living with these personality traits???

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